Terms of Service

  1. These terms and conditions apply with the conclusion of a brokerage contract as recognized.
  2. Invoices are payable within ten days of the invoice date net, without any deductions. The separately stated value added tax is payable in addition.
  3. For appointments that are not made for reasons for which the client is responsible and are canceled up to twenty-four hours before the start, the agency will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the agreed fee. Cancellations/cancellations 14 days or more prior to the start of the shoot will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled less than forty-eight hours prior to the start of the shoot may be charged in full by the agency.
  4. Trainers and pet owners are obligated to strictly observe agreed appointments and to contribute according to their possibilities to a successful execution of the order. In the case of unforeseeable hindrance or occurrence of other circumstances that make it impossible to comply with agreed deadlines, the client will be informed immediately. However, a claim for damages due to missed appointments is expressly excluded.
  5. The description of the service required by the animal is specified in the agency contract and is considered to be exclusively binding subject matter of the contract. Verbal collateral agreements and any additional services required on site are non-binding for the agency.
  6. The Agency has satisfied itself by careful consideration that the animal is fit for the activity described and able to provide the required performance.
    However, further liability, in particular for the fact that the animal can not provide this service at a certain time, does not exist, as far as the agency is not responsible for this.
  7. If the animal fails to deliver the agreed service, the Agency shall be informed immediately thereof. If compensation is possible and reasonable, the agency will offer it to the client. The entitlement to the agency fee remains in this.
  8. The contractor is entitled to submit written proof of the animal liability insurance from the owner of the animal. A corresponding obligation of the livestock owner will be agreed with the agency in the context of the mediation. for mediated animals there is a liability insurance. The Agency assumes no liability for damage caused indirectly by animals, in particular not for possible production losses and resulting claims for damages.
  9. All animals and trainers mediated by the agency are to be booked exclusively through the agency, this also applies to all follow-up orders. If the client uses the agency-mediated contacts independently in the future, the agency is in any case entitled to a commission of 25% on the fee.
  10. Should individual provisions of these conditions prove to be ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by another which is effective and which comes closest to the content and purpose of the ineffective provision.

Jurisdiction and place of fulfillment is in any case Berlin.

ekkifant AGENCY FOR ANIMALS 12/2017