ekkifant is an AGENCY FOR ANIMALS: from our extensive database we act as an agent for animals for film projects, photo productions as well as for special occasions on stage and events. In addition to domestic species such as cats and dogs ekkifant also specializes in unique species: Do you need a swarm of bees or three penguins? - "There's no such thing" does not exist. We will find you anything from a little mouse to a cheetah from a carp to a sea eagle. For almost 30 years our network of pet owners, animal trainers and film schools has been growing in Germany and abroad. We can therefore offer a large variety of animals from our database and also connect you with promising animal scouts. However, when it comes to procure animals, our service does not stop there: we see ourselves as an interface between the clients / production managers and the animal owners and animal trainers: Together, we plan the operation, take care of the necessary permits, take precautions that are both safe and secure ensuring well-being of the animal as well as a friction-free procedure at the place of use. For special requests our animal trainers also train animals for special tasks. Talk to us: we turn your idea into reality.


Animal Welfare

EKKIFANT sees itself as an AGENCY FOR ANIMALS: it is one of our basic principles that our work is done for the love of animals. We guarantee compliance with applicable animal welfare regulations and ensure animal welfare on site at the site. In addition, we obtain the permits required for working with the animal. We fundamentally reject any medical manipulation on animals or stunning for artistic purposes. Our brokered trainers have proof of expertise according to Section 11 of the Animal Welfare Act for the relevant animal. If customers' requests are not are not feasible in this sense, is also asked for the welfare of the animal to adjust the shooting project. EKKIFANT supports animal welfare organizations in Germany and worldwide in their work on the protection of animals.



Ekki and Fanta. Angelika Goretzki and Ekkehardt Nitschke. He - studio owner and photographer, she - animal lover and model. A failed job interview for an movie animal job, Fanta has the dazzling idea – sn agency for animals which is fully committed to the animal. People love animals and is only too happy to be "entertained" by the animal and capture it emotionally. However, all too often the view of the welfare of the animal is lost - the animal is humanized or forced into a man-made situation. With a high degree of idealism and a love for animals, Fanta founds the EKKIFANT Animal Agency in 1989 - and meets the "ravages of time": In no time at all, the inquiries - domestic animals or exotic inquiries are piling up - the agency has a knack for finding the needle in a haystack: for a crime scene blowflies are bred themselves, a hippopotamus or a penguin conveys ... and not infrequently a visitor to Ekki's photo studio wonders when he suddenly finds a cow in the elevator .... In 2017, Tina Walinda took over the agency - with a big heart for animals and a lot of enthusiasm for animal welfare, she follows in the footsteps of Fanta. With Tina Walinda, EKKIFANT is now prepared for the future and for an interaction of humans and animals that is determined by love and respect. Surprisingly and much too early Fanta left us forever in August 2023. Her life's work remains, as does the memory of a great woman with a big heart for animals. She remains and is unforgotten.